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U.S. Naval Hospital Guam

Customer: U.S. Navy
Location: Agana Heights, Guam
Major Services: Initial Outfitting Transition and Commodities Services

Project Overview: The new, 271,000 square foot facility provides a modern replacement hospital tailored to present and projected patient population size and needs. It meets current code and criteria requirements to provide a safe and comfortable environment for the delivery of medical services to patients. The 42-bed hospital includes inpatient medical facilities, ancillary departments, emergency care, specialty care clinics, support spaces, and facilities to provide a variety of medical services for surgery, patient overnight stays, intensive care, and general medical and emergency care. Cazador designed and outfitted this new hospital with medical equipment, clinical case goods, furniture and furnishings, artwork, communication systems, information technology, resource protection, security systems, and signage and wayfinding.

The Cazador Difference: Cazador was challenged to develop a complete installation, activation, relocation, and DRMO plan within forty-five calendar days. Based on our proprietary formulas and experience, we were able to develop this plan to the man-hour. This level of detail was invaluable because the Cazador team had to adjust our plan several times to accommodate construction delays, including a stop work notice to the general contractor.  Cazador’s plan included the time to unload, deliver and install every single piece of equipment and furniture per JSN, per room and department. We were able to alter our installation efforts to accommodate the construction delays without causing the government schedule delays, and we worked tirelessly with all of our vendors to change the shipping dates for specific pieces of equipment to accommodate the constant changes caused by the general contractor.  The project was ultimately completed within the schedule, and the client was pleased with Cazador’s work.