Transition Management

Because there’s no room for error

Cazador enables healthcare clients to successfully transition from one location to another without jeopardizing patient care or compromising medical records. We mitigate the risks inherent in healthcare transition projects by providing strategic and tactical transition plans and detailed management oversight of inventory management and project schedules.


While many project managers and construction, real estate and consulting firms propose to assist with transition planning, their time and expertise are typically focused on the design and build-out of facilities. They assume that a client will be able to effectively transition into their new offices on their own or with minor intervention. For most organizations and healthcare facilities, however, a major transition is rare, and the ability to develop and manage transition planning is a foreign process that is fraught with operational risk.


We manage the details, so you don’t have to

Cazador enables our clients to develop and execute a feasible plan for indentifying, performing and tracking the thousands of tasks involved in a major relocation project. We begin each engagement by identifying all major stakeholders and documenting the components of the relocation and the tasks that must occur to ensure the project runs smoothly.


Specifically, Cazador’s turnkey Transition Management services include:

  • Move Schedule (by phase)
  • Relocation Schedule (by department)
  • Storage/Warehousing Management
  • Delivery & Installation Supervision
  • Patient Migration Plan
  • Property Accounting & Placement Plans
  • Security Oversight
  • Third Party Vendor Coordination
  • Building Protection / Masking
  • Post Move Help Desk Support
  • Excess / Salvage of Unused Items
  • Clean up
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Consolidation of various squadrons into buildings, in an effort to reorganize the mission of the 50th Space Wing.