Design & Planning

Project Management Discipline, Detailed Design, Powerful Communications


Relocation and build-out projects require careful planning, attention to detail and constant vigilance. Sequence, timing and coordination with contractors, operations staff and finance are critical. And there are so many handoffs and dependencies that the slightest error or delay can have a devastating impact on both schedule and budget. Cazador applies a rigorous methodology to ensure a comprehensive, disciplined planning and design process is followed for each project.


Specifically, Cazador’s Design & Planning solution includes:

  • Project Management
  • Equipment Planning
  • Interior Design & Space Planning
  • Public Relations
Project Management


Each Cazador engagement has an experienced Project Manager (PM) and/or Initial Outfitting Director, responsible for controlling time, cost, quality, scope and risk. The PM / IO Director will:


  • Establish a Program / Transition Office on-site
  • Build a comprehensive Transition & Relocation plan

    • Project discovery
    • Program integration
    • Pre-mobilization
    • Mobilization & execution
  • Develop a Master Move and Project Relocation Schedule – Master Schedule
  • Oversee all subcontractors and suppliers
  • Coordinate procurement, delivery, storage/warehousing, security, moves
  • Oversee installation
Equipment Planning 


Cazador’s equipment planning team is responsible for requirements analysis, planning, design and procurement of medical equipment and clinical casegoods as well as furniture & furnishings. This includes:


  • Property accounting and placement plans
  • Electronic asset inventory and management system implementation
    (RFID and/or Joint Schedule Number tracking)
  • Life expectancy analysis and reutilization planning
  • Acquisition, equipment tracking & delivery
  • Coordination with General Contractor, equipment vendors, bio-medical engineers and Cazador Transition Planners
Interior Design & Space Planning


Cazador’s staff of NCIDQ certified designers will develop a Comprehensive Interior Design (CID) Package that includes:


  • Architecture Plan, space & workflow planning
  • Cut sheets with specifications, options and/or cost estimates
  • Selection of interior finishes, lighting, fabrics, textures, visual arts & window treatments
  • Signage, wayfinding and code compliance
  • Full lifecycle schedule for all assets to ensure proper maintenance and future replacement
Public Relations

Cazador provides public relations and marketing services to ensure all key stakeholders are kept informed of project progress. Specifically, we develop:


  • Press releases and articles to keep the public informed
  • Flyers and newsletters to announce key project milestones
  • Banners and temporary wayfinding
  • Ground breaking and ribbon cutting event planning