Case Study: US Air Force Medical Support Agency

US Air Force Medical Support Agency (AFMSA)

Modernizing USAF healthcare—measuring quality, managing health information, focusing research, testing new technologies.


Cazador was responsible for healthcare transition management and initial outfitting as part of AFMSA’s modernization of 14 military hospitals and clinics. Cazador’s scope of work for this $60 Million project:


  • Resource Protection / Security Systems
  • Information Technology
  • Medical Equipment & Clinical Casegoods
  • Furniture & Furnishings
  • Room décor for medical facilities, including comprehensive interior designs
  • Communication systems


To mitigate risk and ensure that each location was ready for first day occupancy patient care, Cazador provided AFMSA with a turnkey, performance based solution that included—project management, transition & relocation planning, design & technical support, procurement, selection, storage, installation, testing, training & warranty support.

Case Studies

Aviano AFB Hospital, Italy

Client required the reevaluation of a five-year-old CID package.  


Air Force Health Facilities Office required contract support in the outfitting of a new Commander’s Conference Room.


Health Facilities Planning Agency (HFPA) Western Region Program Office and Evans Army Hospital require contract support in the transition phase of  the Soldier Family Care Clinic (SFCC) and the Evans Army Hospital Addition/Alteration projects.


Keesler Inpatient Tower is a  BRAC Funded project for the reconstruction of the old D Tower of the existing Hospital due to damage incurred by Hurricane Katrina. 


Consolidation of various squadrons into buildings, in an effort to reorganize the mission of the 50th Space Wing.


Leading the united national effort to secure the country and preserve our freedoms.